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About Avi Nachmany: Co-Founder, Strategic Insight

I am an independent mutual fund industry consultant and advisor. More than 30 years ago, as the modern mutual fund industry was emerging, I co-founded Strategic Insight, a thought leadership and business intelligence firm for industry leaders. Today, Strategic Insight’s research and technologies are used by investment companies that collectively manage over 90% of assets entrusted to U.S. mutual funds, as well as by the SEC’s Investment Management unit; the ICI; fund directors, industry lawyers and service firms; leading consulting firms; and others.

At the end of my 30th year at SI, in December 2015, I left the firm. I am on a number of advisory boards focusing on mutual fund compliance. I continue to provide a fund industry perspectives in conference, in the media, and as a consultant.

Director of Research

As Strategic Insight’s Director of Research for more than two decades, I pioneered its fact-based research approach, led and mentored SI’s research teams, and remained the firm’s leading voice for our industry’s key developments. Among others, SI’s research areas today include the ways the mutual fund industry and fund investors are adapting to the changed environment; investment strategy innovations; distribution trends; fees, costs, and profitability benchmarking; fact-based studies mapping the growing acceptance of funds globally; and income-at-retirement investment solutions.

Overall, the ‘DNA’ of SI’s research foundation that I have established and protected over three decades aims to inform and educate most experienced industry executives and analysts, as well as others observing and guiding the mutual fund industry which serves nearly every American with investable assets.

Key Research Topics

I initiated many areas of Strategic Insight’s research to focus on key topics of interest for independent trustees. Such research has allowed me to offer advice to fund trustees in areas including:

  • Benchmarking fees for fund distribution and services, and related research

  • Benchmarking fund advisory fees, breakpoints, etc. · Sub-advisory trends and fee benchmarks

  • Rule 15(c) analytics and considerations

  • Asset management profitability

  • Distribution trends, share class use, the shifts to fee-for-service distribution model · Rule 12(b)1

  • ETF innovations, adoptions, and distribution trends

  • Mutual fund product innovation, including liquid ‘alt’ mutual funds

  • Fund liquidity considerations, shareholder retention

  • And other areas.

Recognizing the critical role of directors, I launched (jointly with one of SI’s leading analyst), contributed to, and helped supervise SI’s Rule 15(c) services during the past decade.

Overall, my intimate knowledge of many of the issues on the minds of fund trustees today allows me to contribute to fund board conversations meaningfully and thoughtfully.

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Educational Presentations:
State of the Fund Industry

  • To independent fund trustees: key themes and specific topics as requested by the board
  • To mutual fund executives
  • Keynote at industry conferences
  • Lessons from the US fund industry evolution (to international fund managers or global regulators)

Strategy and Advisory


  • Fund innovation
  • Fund distribution
  • Fund share class pricing
  • Mutual funds vs. ETFs
  • Mutual fund liquidity
  • And others